Off On Our Hols

Well I haven't made much progress this week due to a broken and abcessed tooth - Ouch is an understatement, unfortunately my fear (and lack of NHS dentist's on the Isle of Wight) meant that I only gave in and went yesterday when the pain became unbearable!

Today, the antibiotics have kicked in and I am thankfully feeling a lot better. Which is just as well as myself, Hubbie and our three youngest leave for the Cornwall in two hours. Hopefully a weeks stay in a forest cabin in wonderful tranquil surroundings will leave me refreshed and ready to crack on with the next project when we return!

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  1. Hi Sweetheart
    Have only just seen this post as have been busy decluttering!! You did say when I last spoke to you day or so before your holiday that your throat was sore and that you felt groggy but I had no idea that it was a tooth abcess - triple ouch !!!! Do hope that it has now healed and that you managed to have a really lovely holiday! Do take care and let us know all about the holiday etc. love to you and Steve and all the children xxxxxxxxxxx