Day 10 - Easy Wrapping Paper and Craft Tool Storage

I have found a solution for storing my wrapping paper and vinyl rolls. First I screwed cup hooks into the back of the cupboard (with a bit of help from Hubbie), then I cut string to various lengths (so that my rolls would hang at varying heights) and threaded each piece through the centre of the rolls, I made loops at both ends of each piece of string, then simply hung the loops on the cup hooks. I also used an idea I saw on pinterest and cut some toilet rolls down one side to place around my paper to keep the ends tidy. Now my wrapping paper is nicely out of the way and I can access it easily.

Materials and Expenditure
Cup hooks (2) - 4p each from Hursts
String -  I already had in the draw - 0p
Toilet Rolls  - from my Junk Store - 0p
Total cost - £0.08p

The top part of this cupboard - where the wrapping paper is now stored, used to contain a wine rack full of alcohol (mainly spirits) that Steve had received as presents from customers over the years, most of it had never been opened so it's been boxed up whilst we decide what do do with it.  Alongside the alcohol was some of those free wine carriers that you get from supermarkets. I realised that one of these would be perfect for storing all my craft tools and bits and pieces. So I took one with nice square compartments, gave it a couple of coats of acrylic paint to strengthen it, hot glued in some boxes and pots from our junk store and there we are - a new craft caddy/trug.

Materials and Expenditure
Cardboard wine Carrier - free from Tesco's  - 0p
Small amount of acrylic paint - from my craft storage - I guess I may have used 10p's worth.
Recycled pots and boxes - from junk box - 0p
Total cost - £0.10p

Craft Cupboard List
  •  Empty and paint inside. 
  •  Decorate door panels with cherry blossom  artwork.
  •  Create new height chart - cherry blossom?
  •  Make paper storage files and organise paper and card stock.
  •  Make pen/craft caddy/carousel. 
  •  Green and Pink play rice could be stored in glass jars and used as decorative item?
  •  Make or buy shelving to make compartments for organising paint, beads etc.
  •  Come up with a way to store wrapping paper. 
  •  Make spice rack type storage for inside doors to store paint etc.
  •  Make caddy for glue gun and other craft basics.
  •  Make a tape dispenser.
  •  Decide on a way to store ribbon.
  •  Collect and decorate jars to store embellishments/glitter etc.

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