Days 8 and 9 - Diy Cereal Box Files

Here is my new storage system for our Craft papers etc.. Made from Cereal boxes (large,stores own rice crispies or cornflakes boxes work best for A4) and wrapping paper. I designed the labels to go with the boxes, ( then simply printed and cut them out. I know they're not all nicely lined up, but in my quest to let go of perfection I'm trying to except that and am fighting the urge to redo them all.

Total cost - just £1, which was for the wrapping paper bought from the pound shop, one roll covered all 4 boxes with some to spare.

Craft Paper, Card, Foam and Felt - Before

Craft Cupboard List
  •  Empty and paint inside. 
  •  Decorate door panels with cherry blossom  artwork.
  •  Create new height chart - cherry blossom?
  •  Make paper storage files and organise paper and card stock.
  •  Make pen/craft caddy/carousel. 
  •  Green and Pink play rice could be stored in glass jars and used as decorative item?
  •  Make or buy shelving to make compartments for organising paint, beads etc.
  •  Come up with a way to store wrapping paper.
  •  Make spice rack type storage for inside doors to store paint etc.
  •  Make caddy for glue gun and other craft basics.
  •  Make a tape dispenser.
  •  Decide on a way to store ribbon.
  •  Collect and decorate jars to store embellishments/glitter etc.

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