Dining and Craft Room - Day 4

Steve re-purposed an old bathroom cabinet that has been sitting around in the shed for a couple of years - it now disguises the electric meter but leaves it easy to access when we need to.

It will look a lot better with a  coat of paint or two.

 Dining and Craft Room List

  •  Keep current paint scheme for walls - finish painting.
  •  Declutter one area at a time.
  •  Wipe down walls.
  •  Repaint /clean woodwork where needed.
  •  Decide on theme - Cherry Blossom, Pink Roses, Bluebirds and Owls.
  •  Choose colour scheme for ornaments/accessories - Pink, Green White, Blue.
  •  Make peg boards to display artwork.
  •  Make paper/fabric letters GALLERY - to put up over art area.
  •  Design/Print and frame quotes and wall art/family photos.
  •  Make colour block notice board as on pinterest using felt and thick/layered card board? 
  •  Collect and decorate bottles to be used as vases/ornaments.
  •  Declutter manual box and create attractive storage for necessary manuals.
  •  Laminate patterned paper and make into light switch covers?
  •  Use decorated wrapping paper roll as cable tidy?
  •  Repurpose chest of drawers from boys room to use as dresser/material store.
  •  Turn drawers into shelves/plate rack/crockery store.
  •  Get rid of old desk and make or buy new one. See day 3!
  •  Find a way to enclose Electric meter. Thank you Steve!

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