Day 7 - Craft Cupboard Organization

I've decided to get started on organising the craft cupboard. I'm going to be needing to use my craft supplies a lot as the house improvements continue, so it makes sense to get it done as soon as possible.

I'm afraid I got a bit carried away and forgot to take a before picture with all the stuff in it, but this is the cupboard in it's bare and original state.

This is everything that came out, it doesn't look too inspiring like that, but there are some lovely and very useful things in there, honest!

And this is Mollie (with her dinner still round her face - what a terrible mother she has, poor child) having a wonderful time in what she thinks is now her den - hopefully she'll get over the disappointment when it turns back into our crafting haven!

After a good clean, a bit of sanding down and a lick of paint, it's looking fresher and ready to house some (hopefully) well organised craft equipment. I'll be starting on that project tomorrow  by making some diy paper storage files!

Craft Cupboard List
  •  Empty and paint inside. 
  •  Decorate door panels with cherry blossom  artwork.
  •  Create new height chart - cherry blossom?
  •  Make paper storage files and organise paper and card stock.
  •  Make pen/craft caddy/carousel. 
  •  Green and Pink play rice could be stored in glass jars and used as decorative item?
  •  Make or buy shelving to make compartments for organising paint, beads etc.
  •  Come up with a way to store wrapping paper.
  •  Make spice rack type storage for inside doors to store paint etc.
  •  Make caddy for glue gun and other craft basics.
  •  Make a tape dispenser.
  •  Decide on a way to store ribbon.
  •  Collect and decorate jars to store embellishments/glitter etc.

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