Dining and Craft Room - Days 5 & 6

More decluttering and wiping down.
Some of the DVDs and c.d's went to the charity shop. The DVDs that were left were boxed and moved to the living room as I plan to create new storage for them there. We are going to transfer all the c.d's to iTunes and they'll then be stored in the loft.


Oh dear! What a lovely sight washing piles (clean I might add) waiting for the respective owners to put away.

Shelves all clear ready to be adorned  with the new decorative treasures, which
I'm planning to both make and hunt down in charity shops. Hmm, Son no.4's sock and axe seem to have appeared here already, which just goes to show how hard it will be keeping things in order. I think I'm going to need an action plan for getting the family to cooperate, but I guess setting an example is a good place to start. 

This small window has always intrigued us, it seems an odd design - we have one large main window (as can be seen in pic 4) and next to it this extra little high window!

 Dining and Craft Room List

  •  Keep current paint scheme for walls - finish painting.
  •  Declutter one area at a time.
  •  Wipe down walls.
  •  Repaint /clean woodwork where needed.
  •  Decide on theme - Cherry Blossom, Pink Roses, Bluebirds and Owls.
  •  Choose colour scheme for ornaments/accessories - Pink, Green White, Blue.
  •  Make peg boards to display artwork.
  •  Make paper/fabric letters GALLERY - to put up over art area.
  •  Design/Print and frame quotes and wall art/family photos.
  •  Make colour block notice board as on pinterest using felt and thick/layered card board? 
  •  Collect and decorate bottles to be used as vases/ornaments.
  •  Declutter manual box and create attractive storage for necessary manuals.
  •  Laminate patterned paper and make into light switch covers?
  •  Use decorated wrapping paper roll as cable tidy?
  •  Repurpose chest of drawers from boys room to use as dresser/material store.
  •  Turn drawers into shelves/plate rack/crockery store.
  •  Get rid of old desk and make or buy new one. See day 3!
  •  Find a way to enclose Electric meter. See Day 4!


  1. It looks like you are getting lots of work done there. Inspires me to get busy. Down with a summer cold at the moment but thinking as soon as I am better I think I need to get to organizing.

    1. Hope you get better soon Debbie,
      thank you so much for your kind comment. Good luck with your organizing,it is actually really fun once you get going!