It's Time To Get The House In Order!

This is something I have attempted many a time and I've often made good progress but I'm a bit of an all or nothing girl. I take on new projects with huge enthusiasm often totally over focusing  on that one area of my life, whilst the other areas get neglected - it's a totally self defeating habit - everything becomes a struggle, then I  burn out and lose interest.  I  am also a perfectionist if I can't make something perfect, I give up or don't bother at all, hmm... not a very kind way to treat yourself as you prevent yourself from achieving anything at all.
This is going to be quite a journey and I have a lot to learn along the way; taking tiny steps instead of big leaps, letting go of  perfectionism, setting manageable goals and completing them, being patient and compassionate with myself, and daring to share the junk heap that our house often resembles. Yes (gulp) I will be taking photo's of our abode in all it's glory as it suffers under the affliction of a large home educating household, whilst (hopefully) sharing each step of my progress as I release it and us from it's burden and turn it into an organised cosy home!

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